I had an unfortunate event a few weeks ago, perhaps you can relate:


I was perusing Instagram when I came across an ad for a product that I needed, yes it was a need... yes it was a fancy pink nightgown laced with feather boa trim. Ok I didn't need it but I wanted it bad. This robe was gorgeous. Painting a picture with words here: it was the bathrobe you'd imagine being worn by a beautiful young widow as she descended an exquisite marble staircase to talk to the police about her late husband's untimely death. Vibe set. Right?

Despite my happy marriage and no plans on descending a marble staircase any time soon, I bought the robe... online... on a questionable site... for a price that was way too low to seem legit and then I waited.... months. Nothing. Finally I got a notification that my order had processed and would be shipping from overseas.

So now I'm excited and finally a few weeks later, I received a package from overseas that felt way too light to be the pictured robe. Well long story not quite as long, I received what could best be described as a reluctant high school art student's failed sewing project. It was crap. It was cheap. It was not at all what I wanted. And immediately I thought, "you should have known better... you get what you pay for."


Which is why I decided to create "Wish.com Granted," an homage and parody about getting what one pays for. I'm an 80's baby and grew up watching The Little Mermaid. If you haven't gotten around to watching it (spoiler alert) it's about a mermaid (Ariel) that falls in love with a human (Prince Eric) after she saves him from a shipwreck. She wanted to be with him and out of the sea so she made a deal with the Sea Witch: she traded her voice for a set of legs. She eventually managed to win the heart of the prince, sans her pipes, and she lived happily ever after with Eric (plus she got her voice back). Cue happy Disney ending... 

BUT.... what if paying with her voice had been too steep of a price? What if she wanted to keep her voice but was willing to part with a lock of hair and a couple tail scales in exchange for human legs? What would that have looked like? "Wish.com Granted" was exactly how I envisioned  Ariel's bargain hunting playing out.


"Wish.com Granted" is about trying to pay the beer price for the fancy champagne and ultimately winding up with a cup of liquid, filled with waterlogged wheat... or a really shitty pink robe. We've all been there... now for a laugh... right after disputing that charge ;) 

“Wish.com Granted”

  • "Wish.com Granted"

    Acrylic on wood panel

    10" w x 10" h x 3/4" d


    "Wish.com Granted" is painted on smooth birch panel. The painting is sealed with a gloss varnish and is ready to hang. "Wish.com Granted" is one hell of a conversation piece; sure to get lots of laughs and a whole ton of remarks about you having a great sense of humor, because you do ;)