Full disclosure, I am an 80's baby and love PeeWee Herman.  I used to love watching PeeWee's Playhouse as a kid and as an adult it still delivers (with all of the hidden inuendos you missed as a kid). One of my favorite parts of the show was the "secret word". That's when Pee Wee received the word from his trusty robot pal and we got the instructions to scream (rea loud) any time someone said it.  So here's my shout out to one of my favorite parts of a 1980's show and after 2020, the word seemed fitting (to scream real loud if anyone says it). 


Make a statement at home or the office with your very own, one of a kind, PeeWee Herman rock.  Lie flat or prop up for display. Don't forget to scream anytime anyone says "2020". 

“Secret Word”

  • "Secret Word"

    Acrylic on stone

    4"w x 4" h x 2"d

    Weighs approximately 2lbs


    PeeWee is painted on tumbled Santorini stone. He is double sealed with a matte finish. PeeWee can lie flat or propped up; perfect for your desk or side table. Add some fun to your life.