A few years ago I was asked to create a special present for a good friend of my client.  When I asked her what she had in mind, I was told that she's into her dog, stones, and yoga.  From there the "pet rock" portrait was born; the idea took off and I've done quite a few since then.  Though dogs tend to be the most requested animal, any pet is fair game.  


Why the rocks?  Why don't you just paint on a canvas?


Using the rock for the pet portrait was sort of happenstance (I just happened to have a client that had a friend that loved her dog as well as stones), but the idea stuck for a reason.  People have a strong connection to their pets.  With the exception of fish, most people also have a physical connection to their animals.  We cuddle our fur (or scale, or feather) babies; we pet them; they sit on our laps...  Painting their portraits on stone connects their image with something physical to hold.  We learn from a very young age not to touch paintings.  But smooth stones lend themselves to touching.  No one would ever pull their dog's canvas portrait off a wall to stroke, but a smooth stone sitting on the coffee table is begging to be touched.  Although not all "pet rocks" are created to commemorate pets that have passed, many are.  Clients have let me know that it is comforting to have a tangible object to look at and hold when missing their pet.

Pet Rocks

    1. All orders are custom created based on reference photos supplied by the client.  See "Reference Photos" for more information. As a result please allow for a two week lead time.  
    2. All rocks are sealed with two thin coats of permanent sealant.  The final product will have a smooth glossy or matte coat (your choice).
    3. Rocks are actual river stones and as a result, no two will ever be alike.  All rocks are chosen to best suit the portrait.  Special requests on size and color can be made and will be honored when possible.  The majority of rocks are roughly the size of a small hand.  Anything espicially large will be priced higher with potentially higher shipping costs. 
    4. Price is for one pet on one stone.  Each additional pet will be an additional $75 regardless of whether the portraits are on one or two stones. Please message me BEFORE placing an order for multiple pets on one stone: vanessa@alittleartbyvanessa.com
    5. Lettering and dates are an additional $1 per letter or number with a $10 minimum.  Please message me prior to placing an order with lettering or numbers.  
    6. During check out please leave your email address in the notes.  I will reach out to you to discuss your artwork, within one business day. 


    Thank you!





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