We all know that guy... the overachiever; the boss's right hand man; the unwaveringly annoying optimist... we've all worked with him and we've all rolled our eyes. It's not that he's necessarily a bad guy, it's just that his unbridled workplace joy reminds the rest of us how much we hate our jobs. 


So here's to you Brian - The Flair Guy. 


Make a statement at home or better yet, the office with your very own, one of a kind, Brian from "Office Space" rock.  Lie flat or he will stand on his own for display. No additional flair needed. ;)


  • "Flair"

    Acrylic on stone

    5"w x 6.5" h x 2"d

    Weighs approximately 5.6lbs


    Brian is painted on smooth river rock. He is double sealed with a matte finish. Brian can lie flat or stand on his own... perfect for your desk or side table. Add some "Flair" to your life.