It's stupid, ridiculously immature, and sometimes crude but I say that with full adoration because: I love Step Brothers. There are tons of hilarious scenes: Derek yelling at his wife Alice about being flat during the family sing along; the tuxedo job interview; The Catalina Wine Mixer; and so many more... And then there are the hilarious one liners that we all now know and love: "We have so much room for activities," or who can forget, "if you touch my drum set, I will kill you." Golden. 


Thank you for the laughs, gentlemen. 


Make a statement at home or work with your one of a kind rock.

“Did We Just Become Best Friends?”

  • "Did We Just Become Best Friends?"

    Acrylic on stone

    5"w x 6" h x 1"d

    Weighs approximately 3lbs


    Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are painted on smooth river rock. They are double sealed with a matte finish. They can lie flat or upright with the help of a small stand; perfect for your desk or side table. Add some art to your life.