My great grandfather and grandfather built a beach cottage some 50+ years ago.  My mother and her siblings spent their summers there and when we were kids, we continued the tradition.  I have so many fond memories playing make believe in the living room with my cousins; watching my grampa save the princess on the original NES; walking up to the little store to buy candy; listening for the ice cream man; and this walk, to and from the beach just a few houses down from us.  At the end of the day the first one up from the beach got the first and hottest shower... but the last one home got one more look and a few more precious minutes on the beach.  Thanks for the memories.    




Day's End: Last Look

$325.00 Regular Price
$130.00Sale Price
    • 4" x 12" x 1.5" 
    • Ready to hang!
    • Materials: Acrylic paint;  Gallery wrapped canvas; Resin; Metal D Hook; Paper backing
    • Paintings are done on 1.5” thick gallery wrapped canvas.  The first layer of paint I use in each piece is carried over to the back.  The juxtaposition from first layer on the sides of the canvas, to the final layer on the front, create additional viewing areas and added interest to each piece.  With the sides painted, frames are also unnecessary; you will spend no more money or time shopping for a frame to match your decor. Simply hang your artwork and enjoy!
    • Care: Painting has been coated with a high quality resin material.  Keep out of direct sunlight and away from high moisture. Keep indoors.  To clean, gently wipe resin surface with clean cloth. For stubborn dirt or dust, a damp rag with mild soap can be used to clean.  Paper backing should only be wiped with a dry cloth.

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