I went in to check on my two boys the other night.  I had put them to bed a half hour earlier and I swore I heard something coming from their room. Just before I pulled the door open to peek in, my footsteps must have given me away because there was a rustle of covers and then a loud, "weee...weee....weee......hhhhhhhoooonnnkkk...wwweee...weee....weeee....weee", basically they were 100% Three Stooges fake snoring to try and trick me into believing that they were sleeping and not up to absolutely no good. Nice try boys.  

And that's why we love the Three Stooges: it doesn't matter that they started their act nearly 100 (yes you read that correctly), 100 years ago; it's that they're still just as relevant then as they are now.  The appeal is that my boys' great grandfather, grandfather, father, and now them, could all laugh at the same jokes. The show transcends time and links generations of families sitting around the couch together laughing. Real talk: a pie to the face is funny no matter what. The Three Stooges tapped that comedic truth and ran with it for nearly fifty years.  A century later and we're still laughing. 


Well done gentlemen.  Thanks for the lifetime of laughs. 

“A Couple a Wise Guys”

  • "A Couple a Wise Guys"

    Acrylic on  stone

    4"w x 4" h x 3"d

    Weighs approximately 2lbs



    Larry, Curley, and Moe are painted on tumbled Santorini stone. They are double sealed with a matte finish. Painted on a pyramid shaped stone, "A Couple a Wise Guys" stands on it's own. The perfect piece for your art collection... show your friends you know what's up with the three OGs of comedy.