Sometimes people talk about great films that have influenced their lives and of course they get all sassy with the obscure film festival feature name drops. That's cool. Me? My film? ...It's Dumb and Dumber.  I know. I know. And I don't care how ridiculous that sounds as I type it out, it's true.  I saw this movie in the theatre with a friend of mine (we're still good friends) and we loved it. I think we left that film knowing we had witnessed greatness. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels were the perfect pair as Lloyd and Harry. They were underdogs; they weren't all that bright; but their loyalty to one another and their dream of being "somebodys" was endearing.  We were hooked.


There were so many memorable scenes; jokes; and one liners. And to prove my point, I can't hear the Cowsills "I Love the Flower Girl" without picturing Lauren Holly's a$$ or  Roy Orbison's, "Pretty Woman" without envisioning the Lloyd and Harry makeover montage.  And I've definitely dropped the "John Denver was full of shit," line on more than one occasion. Good stuff. Good movie. 


So thank you to all the comedic geniuses that made this masterpiece a reality.  I'll repay you someday... see... these are all "I owe you's."


Make a statement at home or work with your very own Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) rock.  Perfect for displaying on an end table or shelf.    

“That’s a Lovely Accent You Have... New Jersey?”

  • "That's a Lovely Accent You Have... New Jersey?"

    Acrylic on  stone

    6"w x 5" h x 1"d 

    Weighs approximately 2lbs



    Lloyd (Jim Carrey) is painted on tumbled river stone. He is double sealed with a matte finish. Painted on a flat stone, "That's a Lovely Accent" lies flat; or can be placed on a stand for display. Perfect for your living room... right next to the worm farm.