Is Jurassic Park one of my most favorite movies? Yup. Have I seen it a million times? Also "yup". Do I still love it with every viewing just as much as I did the first time I watched it? Abso-freaking-lutely. Here's a fun fact: I can not watch a pelican fly by without humming the Jurassic Park theme song (which is an issue when you've lived on the Gulf Coast for well over a decade).


This movie was spectacular in 1993 (holy crap!) and it still holds its weight almost thirty (yes, thirty) years later. The CGI was groundbreaking and paved the way for just about every single movie that would come afterwards and it was done SO well that it still looks believable today; no easy feat.  Not only were the special effects also amazing but the acting was top notch as well as the incredible score (there's a reason I can't not hum that thirty years later). Jurassic Park was incredible and I picked this scene with Jeff Goldblum's character, Dr Ian Malcolm, because his reaction was everyone's reaction watching those CGI dinosaurs walk across the screen for the first time: complete awe. Fantastic movie. Well done. 


Thanks for the epic imagery; incredible acting; and that theme song. 


Make a statement at home or the office with your very own Dr Ian Malcolm rock.  Perfect for displaying on an end table or use it as a paperweight for your "Chaos Theory" research.  

“You Did It. You Crazy Son Of A Bitch. You Did It.”

  • "You Did It. You Crazy Son Of A Bitch. You Did It."

    Acrylic on Santorini stone

    5"w x 4" h x 1"d

    Weighs approximately 2lbs


    Dr Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum)  is painted on tumbled Santorini stone. He is double sealed with a matte finish. Painted on a flat stone, "You Did It..." lies face up, but can be propped as well; perfect for your desk; side table; or bring it to your lab to remind your coworkers who, "were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, that they didn’t stop to think if they should.”