I've watched Bob Ross on and off throughout my life, but it wasn't until recently that I began watching him on a regular basis.  My husband and I used to watch the news every night before bed. No biggie. But then there were the last four years which crescendoed in an absolutely bat-sh*t nuts and completely crazy 2020. Agonizingly we made our way through the news each night and then the pandemic hit, and that was it. Check mate.  We needed a new routine. Something calming. Something that was short. Something that you could watch and it woud not only peek your interest, but make you smile.  Had to be totally chill too, because it's right before bed...

I'd love to tell you that watching Bob was my idea, but it wasn't.  My husband stumbled across every single episode on the Pluto app and next thing you know, we had a new show before bed.  Now I will watch and I love to see his technique (oil and acrylic are sooooo different) and I'll pick up some ideas and tricks but honestly I love that he calms me to the point that I rarely make it through a whole episode. It's not that he's boring or that I'm not ridiculously interested in what he's doing; it's that he's so soothing. When you paint with Bob there are happy little trees; big fluffy clouds; and there are never any mistakes, just happy little accidents... and THAT sets me up for a happy little night's sleep.  


Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for the sunny outlook. 


Make a statement at home or the studio with your very own Bob Ross rock.  Perfect for displaying on your desk or next to your favorite landscape painting.  Bob Ross sits up unassisted. 

“There’s No Mistakes; Just Happy Little Accidents”

  • "There's No Mistakes; Just Happy Little Accidents"

    Acrylic on Santorini stone

    4"w x 4" h x 4"d

    Weighs approximately 2lbs


    Bob Ross is painted on tumbled Santorini stone. He is double sealed with a matte finish. Painted on a pyramid shaped stone, "There's No Mistakes..." stands on it's own; perfect for your desk; side table; or wherever you need a little unbridled positivity.