Is this one of the best scenes from the entire Indiana Jones franchise? While that may or may not be debatable, the coolness of Harrison Ford's character is not. Dr. Indiana Jones.... oh boy. Such. A. Hunk (I'm blushing)... and the movies were fantastic: the action; the elaborate sets and costumes; the story lines; and of course that face. Full disclosure, I may have named one of my children Harrison, but either way: fantastic character; fantastic movie(s).


This here is from one of my favorite scenes: Indiana Jones is in the middle of crossing a very high, very rickety, and very terrifying rope bridge slunge over crocodile infested water (cue crocodile death roll for effect). While crossing he looks up to realize that he is surrounded by the bad guys on either side of the bridge. He's got nowhere to go and his only leverage (oddly enough) is a stone. This was his face... that sizing up the situation and weighing out his options that only Indiana Jones could make look so damn good. 


Thanks for the epic adventures. 


Make a statement at home or the office with your very own Harrison Ford as Dr Indiana Jones rock.  Perfect for displaying on an end table or use it as a paper weight on that map when you plan for your next adventure.  

“Nowhere to Go”

  • "Nowhere to Go"

    Acrylic on stone

    4"w x 3" h x 1"d

    Weighs approximately 2lbs


    Dr Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is painted on smooth river stone. He is double sealed with a matte finish. Painted on a flat stone, "Nowhere to Go" lies face up: perfect for your desk; side table; or wherever you go to think about getting out of dicey situations.  Don't look down.