Definitely not a PC show in today's climate but nonetheless, Katay Sagal and Ed O'Neill killed it on "Married With Children."  It was the complete opposite of all the cheesy late 80's family sitcoms... a family that is constantly taking cheap shots at one another in the most hilarious of ways.  Al is a misogynistic shoe salesman and Peggy is a stay at home "mom" that does very little momming and even less around the house. Their kids have got zero prospect, and Al peaked long ago as the quintessential high school football hero.  They were the family that kept us laughing and for many of us, they were just a bit closer to real life than the perfect sitcom families on every other show.  Al just wanted a little respect, to be left alone, and to not be so damn broke all the time. As an adult I fully understand the struggle. 


Thanks for keeping it real. And thanks for keeping it funny. 



Make a statement at home or work (bonus if you sell women's shoes) with your very own Peggy and Al Bundy rock.  Perfect for displaying on an end table or shelf. Comes with it's own couch (as pictured) for display.    

“No Ma’am”

  • "No Ma'am"

    Acrylic on  stone

    4"w x 4" h x 1"d (couch is approx 7"w x 4"h x 4"d)

    Weighs approximately 2lbs



    Peg and Al Bundy (Sagal and O'Neill) are painted on tumbled stone. They are double sealed with a matte finish. Painted on a square stone, "No Ma'am" stands on it's own; lies flat; or can be placed on the included couch for display. Perfect for your living room or wherever you go to contemplate your life choices (or partner and mediocre kids).