Die Hard was such a cool movie because it set the precedent for every action movie from that point on.  Die Hard was something of a breakthrough in the film industry; not only for the incredible action sequences but also because of the humanity of the protagonist. John McClane is your everday Joe; just going out to "the coast" to have a good time, but maybe because he still loves his estranged wife, Holly. We get to love McClane because he's this normal guy that does extraordinary things to save the day: and it's cool AF. 


So thank you John McClane: for the action; suspense; and litany of the coolest "F" bomb drops one has ever heard. 


Make a statement at home or the office with your very own Bruce Willis as John McClane rock.  Perfect for displaying on an end table or use it to toss through a plate glass window, prior to jumping through it and saving the day. 

“Come Out to The Coast, We’ll Get Together, Have a Few Laughs”

  • "Come Out to The Coast, We'll Get Together, Have a Few Laughs"

    Acrylic on stone

    5"w x 3" h x 1"d

    Weighs approximately 2lbs

    John McClane (Bruce Willis)  is painted on smooth river stone. He is double sealed with a matte finish. Painted on a flat stone, "Come Out to The Coast..." lies flat but can be propped up... perfect for your desk; side table; or wherever the nearest hostages are in need of saving.