"Baking Buds"

Paper dimensions: 8.5 x 11" 


I grew up with a Nana that did not care too much for Martha Stewart. Something about her being “uppity”. I knew Stewart had a show; lived in CT; had a line at K-Mart, which is weird for someone I had also decided was “uppity”; and who held the bar high when it came to all things living and home entertaining. I was not Stewart’s demographic and she wasn’t on my radar either.  


In 2004 my Nana died and Martha Stewart did prison time. I would later find out that while serving her sentence, Stewart was told to sleep covered with newspapers. This was to keep her safe from knife attacks. Upon recollection, Martha smirked when she told the story, “I used my Martha Stewart Living magazines. They were thicker.” And I have to smirk too... I can appreciate anyone with a dark sense of humor. 

But it wasn’t until Snoop Dogg was invited onto her show in 2008 that I began to rethink my image of the “uppity” New Englander. Snoop’s appearance was unexpected... a “Doggystyle” rapper on the Martha Stewart Show? Fo shizzle. It got me thinking: perhaps Stewart wasn’t so square?


And then there she was, years later on Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Bieber. Stewart and Snoop sat next to each other and she stole the show. Their chemistry was undeniable. Stewart was hysterical; dry and witty (my favorite). There was not a trace of “uppity.” 

Not long after the roast, Snoop and Stewart would cement their friendship and go on to create the award winning: Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party which hosted a diverse array of celebrity guests. The show was a hit. People loved Snoop and Martha: the dynamic pair of buds.  


Which brings us to today: I also love Stewart and Snoop’s friendship and as a result I no longer think of her as “uppity”. The relationship is wholesome af. Their camaraderie is based on mutual respect and the merging of two very disparate worlds. Snoop and Stewart’s bond serves as a reminder that despite our real or perceived dissimilarities, friendship can exist, or flourish rather, when we are open to thinking and stepping outside of the box both we and society, have created for ourselves. On a personal level this pairing speaks to me: openness brings growth.   Now I don’t know if Stewart was really “uppity” prior to her friendship with Snoop, that’s not my concern. What I do know though, is that their friendship reminds me not only to not judge a book by its cover, but to be ok with revising your narrative when you may not have gotten someone's story quite right.   


Would Nana still think Stewart was “uppity?”, my mother and I mused. “Probably not,” we laughed. Probably not.  



"Baking Buds"

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