How Long have you been painting?

Since 2015

I've always been an artist but I struggled to find my medium. As a child I was mostly interested in drawing. As a teen I worked with three dimensional art, even dabbling in concrete fountain creation, but nothing ever clicked. Towards the end of high school I took a few oil painting classes but hated having to wait on my work to dry.  I eventually lost interest.  It wasn't until I took a job at a paint and sip shop that I began working with acrylic paint.  After several years of teaching, I really began to fall in love with the medium and have been true to acrylic ever since.


Whoa. What size brushes do you use?

Really small ones.

I've dabbled with paints for quite some time but it wasn't until 2015 that I began working small.  There was something appealing about creating a miniature world in paint.  You need to get up close when you view miniature art; submerse yourself entirely; take the time to see all the detail; there's a sort of magic in losing yourself within a tiny world.


How would you describe your style of painting?

Nostalgic Realism

To me nostalgic realism is a sentimental longing or love for the past represented truthfully in form but softened by affection. With this style, true to photo realism is not the intention or desired effect. Nostalgic realism is about working from reality. Imagination is then used to create a mood; the intent: to create an atmosphere that takes the viewer to a time or place with sentimental associations.  I like to think of my paintings as filtered recollections.


What is the inspiration for your paintings?

All of my paintings start with reference photos. Some are simple point and shoot snapshots provided by clients, missing details filled in with live model photos or internet searches. And some reference photos are works of art in their own right.  At times I will work with my husband,


What's with the stones?

The painted stones started with a "Pet Rock."

Years ago I was asked to create a one of a kind, personalized gift for a woman that loved her dog and unique shaped stones.  I just happened to have a heart shaped rock... the gift was well received and the idea took off.


I love your work! Do you take commissions?

Thank you. Yes!

Over the years I have painted a wide array of subject matter.  While themes are very different, I find that my clients all want the same thing:  They are not asking me to paint a house, they want me to paint grandma and grandpa's house; they are not asking me to paint a baseball stadium, they want me to paint the baseball stadium where together, they and their mom watched dozens of games over the last three decades; and they don't want a picture of a dog, they want me to capture their best friend's personality. In my work I hope not just to catch a very real likeness, but a mood.


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